Did Trump Try to Expose Biden to COVID? Former POTUS Tested Positive 3 Days Before Biden Debate, Book Claims

A revelation in Mark Meadows' book claimed that Donald Trump tested positive for COVID 3 days before the first debate with Biden last year.

Social media lashed out on Donald Trump after a new revelation from his former chief of staff Mark Meadows hinted that the former President put a number of lives in jeopardy as he tested positive for COVID before his first debate with Biden last year, but chose to not disclose his diagnosis. The said event was attended by a fleet of reporters as a maskless Trump and Biden debated over presidential manifesto.

According to The Guardian, Meadows, in his book, 'The Chief's Chief' noted that Trump tested positive three days before the first big debate with Biden on September 29 last year, but the reports of his diagnosis were hushed. According to Meadows, Trump, on September 26, was set to board a helicopter to attend a Pennsylvania rally right after coming from the Supreme Court confirmation event for Amy Coney Barrett. The said SC event was later declared a 'super spreader.' Meadows recalled getting a phone call from the White House doctor asking him to stop the President from leaving as he tested positive for COVID.

Meadows further noted that as soon as the former President, who was showing mild symptoms of cold, got off the helicopter, he called to tell him the diagnosis. "Trump's reply rhyme[d] with 'Oh spit, you've gotta be trucking lidding me,'" wrote Meadows. Trump was then re-tested and the result came negative. Trump then went ahead with the rally and then the first debate with Biden three days later 'as if nothing had happened.'

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
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'Donald Trump intentionally tried to give Biden COVID at a debate'

Social media sleuths bashed the former president for recklessly exposing Biden, the White House press, and a lot of other people to COVID. "He is a mass murderer," one person tweeted.

"Trump's behavior surrounding his COVID diagnosis is just one of many examples of how his narcissistic psychosis controls his every move and decision, be damned everyone and everything else," another person wrote.

'I did not have COVID prior to the debate'

Trump, however, quashed the said reports in a statement emailed to reporters and claimed he did not have COVID prior to the debate. "The story of me having COVID prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News," he said.

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