Did Super Junior Member Heechul Break Up with Twice Singer Momo? Agencies Respond

Super Junior member Heechul, whose real name is Kim Hee Chul, has broken up with Twice singer Momo on July 8. The South Korean singer and the girl group member decided to part ways due to personal reasons.

The entertainment agencies of both the artists confirmed the breakup news and revealed that they decided to call it quits due to personal reasons. Momo's agency stated that the firm has confirmed the break-up news with Momo, and it is true that they have decided to part ways. Meanwhile, Heechul's agency also confirmed the news with the Super Junior member.

"However, please understand that we cannot reveal more specific details regarding the issue, as it is a matter of the artist's privacy. Thank you," JYP Entertainment stated.

Is this Why Heechul and Momo Called It Quits?

K-pop idols have been struggling to maintain their romance due to their busy schedules. This is why they decided to call it quits now, an insider told a Korean media outlet. The insider also said the singers decided to stay connected as sunbae and hunbae in the future.

"It is believed that Heechul and Momo have recently broken up. Both of them have such busy and hectic schedules that they grew apart, and they have now decided to go back to being close sunbae-hunbaes," an industry insider told Star Today.

Kim Heechul and Momo
Super Junior member Kim Heechul and TWICE singer Momo called it quits. Creative Commons/티비텐, 월아조운

Here are Fans' Reactions About the Breakup:

Immediately after the breakup news of Heechul and Momo started doing the rounds online, social media platforms started getting flooded with messages from fans. Hashtag Momo is Free also started trending on Twitter.

"The breakup might have been so hard for both of them, I hope everything can be better now," a tweet read.

"It was really unexpected, but we respect whatever decisions they made. We will continue to support both of you," another tweet read.

"Heechul was so happy with Momo he really loved her what the hell!!" an admirer of the Super Junior member stated.

"Momo, our best girl, please know that we will always be here for you no matter what and keep hanging in there," a fan of the Twice singer wrote.

"Why am I seeing more people celebrating the breakup of Momo and Heechul as if Momo would date them," a Twitter user wrote.

"This is kinda sad not gonna lie... momo is still a human none the less we don't know if she is hurt or not....can you all grow up and stop trending she is free," another social media user tweeted.

Dating rumors about Heechul and Momo have been doing the rounds since August 2019 and they confirmed their relationship in January 2020