Did Robert Crimo Communicate with Imaginary Characters? Teen Sex Doll 'Sophie' Triggers Chatter on Social Media

A few days prior to the Highland Park shooting, Robert Crimo had shared some weird pictures of his 'teenage' sex doll on his private social media account. He had named the doll 'Sophie'.

The pictures of his sex doll on the co-passenger seat of his car with fastened seatbelt, teddy bears at the back seat Donald Trump's bobblehead affixed at the rear dash clearly show that they were imaginary characters with whom he communicated regularly.

Robert Crimo

Crimo's Posts on Social- Media Failed to Raise Red Flags

He also documented his creepy relationship with the teen sex doll "Sophie" who he stated was 15 years old.

Different factions of social media followers have referred to the past incidents wherein "sociopaths" showed similar patterns which were repeatedly ignored by the family and friends.

It is also being said that his social media posts in the recent past had raised many red flags which went unnoticed. Had anyone taken into account the pattern of his posts, the tragedy could have been averted.

A report published by the New York Post stated that Crimo had also posted an image entitled "Sophie Killed Herself" portraying the doll in a mock suicide by hanging in his closet. "I don't understand why. Sophie July 1, 2020 – July 22, 2020" Crimo wrote on a post with a frowning face.

The report also stated that the Acura also had a "Pu–y Magnet" sticker on the rear windshield.

A Twitter user while sharing his opinion wrote, "Robert "Bobby" Crimo III posted on the forum Documenting Reality under the moniker Awake47 and documented his creepy relationship with an Asian Teen sex doll he called "Sophie."

Another user expressed his views adding, "Midge Green or Boebers are two days away from saying Robert Crimo was actually trying to kill the leaders of a cult that kidnaps children and sells them into sex slavery and that he should be released."

"Is it just me finding it hard to believe sociopath shooter did NOT raise alarms with family & #YouTube audience? 2019 Robert E. Crimo III had knives removed bcuz of threats.. right then @ILStatePolice shld hv flagged him for #FOID! @FBI@dodgerman @Suntimes," read a tweet.