Did Pakistan Help Taliban by Carrying Out Drone Strikes in Panjshir Valley?

According to reports, the Pakistani Air Force used drones to drop bombs on Panjshir Valley. The news comes as the Taliban have said they have conquered the Panjshir Valley — the bastion of the resistance forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Helping the Taliban Defeat the Resistance Forces

Islamabad is providing air support to Taliban fighters in Panjshir and some Special Forces have been airdropped to fight the resistance, reported CNN-News18. According to local media reports citing some leaders of the resistance movement, the drones struck the valley on Sunday. Afghanistan's Former Samangan MP Zia Arianjad reportedly told Aamaj News that Pakistani drones attacked Panjshir using 'smart bombs' on Sunday.

Some reports also suggested that Pakistan's fighter jets and drones were used to bomb Afghanistan's acting president Amrullah Saleh's house.

Tajuden Soroush of Iran International TV station also confirmed Pakistan's role in the done strikes by twitting, "#BREAKING: Kamaluddin Nezami, governor of Panjshir told me via satellite phone that today their positions were bombed by drones several times."

Ahmad Massoud Slams Pakistan

Ahmad Massoud
Ahmad Massoud Twitter

Ahmad Massoud on Monday revealed that the terror group is getting air support from the Pakistan Air Force and ISI. He said that Taliban and Pakistan are working hand in hand. He further claimed that the Taliban was not strong enough to defeat Panjshir on its own and hence Pakistani army was supporting it.

Taliban Denies Allegations

The Taliban however have reportedly denied the allegations. According to Pakistani journalist Sumaira Khan's tweet, Taliban spokesman Dr Naeem has termed this development as "a blatant lie and sheer propaganda".

This coincided with Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed arriving in Kabul amid infighting in the Taliban ranks over the issue of government formation. However, multiple media reports say that Hameed has reached Kabul to assist the Taliban in building an 'inclusive' government with berths for Haqqani groups. He, reportedly extended his support to the Taliban.

The drone attacks, if they happened would once again depict Pakistan's open support to terrorists and insurgents.

Taliban Claim Control of Panjshir

On Monday, Taliban said Panjshir Valley has been completely captured. However, the resistance forces have denied the Taliban's claim of having 'conquered' Panjshir. The militant group also conveyed that the National Resistance Front spokesperson Fahim Dashti was killed in an internal dispute between Commander Gul Haider and General Jiraat. General Abdul Wudod Zara was also killed during the fighting. Reports also came of Taliban fighters can entering the Governor's house in Panjshir province and hoisting their flag.