Did NASA's Opportunity rover capture photographs of alien skeletons on Mars?

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Conspiracy theorists all around the world have been claiming for years that NASA is intentionally covering up the presence of life on Mars. Throughout the years, several people have argued that they have spotted weird objects on Mars which indicates the presence of living forms there. Now, a space enthusiast from Texas has also joined the party by revealing that NASA's Opportunity rover has photographed the skeleton of an alien on the Martian surface.

Are they rocks or a real alien skeleton?

The unnamed man who hails from Waxahachie said that a group of what looks like rocks are actually the skull and spine of an alien lived on Mars. The man has reported his finding to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and they are currently investigating this case.

The photograph is reportedly captured by Opportunity rover on February 01, 2018. The man also claimed that 3D imaging of this photo clearly reveals the bone details of the alien spine.

According to the report filed in MUFON, the Texas man has spotted the anomaly in a Mars photo was photographed by the Opportunity rover on Feb. 1 in Perseverance Valley on the west rim of the red planet's Endeavour Crater.

Mars photo mysteries continue

This is not the first time that photographs taken from Mars have baffled conspiracy theorists. In the past, conspiracy theorists have spotted various suspicious objects in Martian photos including, a standing alien soldier, walking woman, and a giant ball.

However, experts consider it a result of pareidolia in human minds. Pareidolia is the peculiar capability of the human brain to perceive a specific and meaningful image in a random visual pattern.

A few weeks back, Barry DiGregorio, an astrobiologist and an honorary research fellow at the University of Buckingham has claimed to have found the solid evidence of alien life on Mars. After studying the images taken by the Curiosity rover, DiGregorio said that he has found alien footprints in these photos. He also blamed NASA for covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life forms on Mars.

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