Did NASA really cover up existence of Alien Oceans on Mars?

Mars Curiosity Rover
Images from Mars Curiosity Rover NASA

Alien hunters and scientists consider Mars the possible destination where life can be found in our solar system. Now, self-proclaimed UFO hunter Scott C Waring has revealed some shocking images which feature sea-shell like objects on the Martian surface. Interestingly, the sea-shell like object appears next to the wheels of NASA's Curiosity rover, and conspiracy theorists claim that the world's leading space agency is well aware of the existence of alien oceans on Mars.

Scott C Waring's startling finding

"I found evidence of an ancient ocean today. The most recent load of photos were uploaded from Mar Curiosity Rover today and I noticed that there were two seashell-like objects within a meter of the rover. One is a very vibrant white that really stands out from its dull surroundings. The other is more grey and similar in size to the first one," wrote Scott C Waring on his website.

Mars Curiosity Rover
Mars Curiosity Rover image compared to a sea-shell ufosightingsdaily.com

The conspiracy theorist also added that the weird objects have both twisted and pointy ends. According to Waring, both these seashells have a fold on one side which allows an animal to live in on the opening. Waring also claimed that this is not the first time that seashells have been discovered on the Martian surface, and he added that similar objects were discovered on Mars for at least 15 times.

Mars: The next human colony

Scientists from NASA believe that Mars, the fourth planet from the sun was once inhabitable, but due to catastrophic events, the planet was turned into a barren land. According to experts, water may have once flown through the red planet, and if it is a reality, then the possibility of living beings roaming around Mars cannot be ruled out.

Now, NASA along with Elon Musk's Space X is trying to colonize Mars in the near future. The space agency is well aware that Earth may become a difficult place to live in the future due to global warming and climate change, and in order to continue the existence of our species, they aim to send humans to Mars and colonize it.

This article was first published on January 16, 2018
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