Did Michigan Oxford School Know About the Shooting? Board Allegedly Ignored Suspicious Activities

Social media sleuths have dug out unconfirmed screenshots and videos hinting that the school knew 'something bad' was about to happen.

The state of Michigan was shaken by a school shooting that left 3 students dead and at least 8 others injured on Tuesday, November 30. A 15-year-old student, Ethan Crumbley, is suspected to have opened fire in Oxford High School, in Oxford, Michigan, about 40 miles north of Detroit. The teen has been taken into custody. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said at a news conference that no intent behind the shooting is known at the moment. A total of 11 people were hit by gunfire, authorities informed Tuesday evening.

Now, social media sleuths have unearthed unconfirmed videos and screenshots claiming that the school board had an idea that 'something bad' was about to happen but they didn't take any action. A Twitter user shared a video of the suspected shooter, Ethan Crumbley, allegedly showing him throwing a Molotov cocktail in his backyard. The user then explained that Crumbley technically committed a felony as Molotov cocktails are classified by ATF as 'destructive devices.' Social media users claimed that the school board, despite being aware of the same, didn't take any precautionary steps.

Tate Myre, 16, Hana St Juliana, 14, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, were identified as the students who were killed in the shooting rampage. While Myre was shot trying to disarm the shooter and succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital in a patrol car, Madisyn and Hana were declared dead at the scene of the shooting.

'Something bad was about to happen'

Another screenshot doing rounds on the internet appears to show a post by the school authorities in which they have mentioned that there were 'rumours about something bad happening in school.' "We are aware of the numerous rumors that have been circulating throughout our building this week," the post read. The statement further added that 'adequate action' has been taken and that there is 'no threat to the building or students.' Posting a screenshot of the notice, a user said that this will come back to 'haunt them.' The notice in question, however, has not been verified yet.

Shocking history of offenses

Social media sleuths even dug out the suspect, Ethan Crumbley's disturbing Instagram posts which were made only a few days before the incident. Crumbley is believed to have begun a countdown before proceeding with the shooting. The suspect has a history of shocking offenses. Once, he allegedly threw the head of a dead deer into a locked courtyard and painted threatening messages on the school walls. However, the principal of the school had assured the parents that Crumbley was not a threat.