Did Love 020 Actress Zheng Shuang Abandon Her Two Children? Truth Behind Zhang Heng's Allegations

Actress Zheng Shuang and her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng are blaming each other for their misfortunes. Here is the truth about the claims of the ex-couple.

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang of Love 020 and Meteor Shower fame is being accused of abandoning her two children in the U.S. Her ex-boyfriend, producer Zhang Heng, took to Weibo to express his helplessness and said that he was stuck in the U.S. to protect his family.

Heng wrote that he flew to the U.S. to keep his family safe. But as he is not able to reunite with his family, he has decided to break his silence. "I decided to speak up to protect myself and my family, and to clarify on some issues. Rumors floating around the internet saying I scammed, borrowed from loan sharks, debt evasion, and ran away to the USA with money are all just rumors. I swear I have never done these things," Heng stated.

Zheng Shuang
Chinese actress Zheng Shuang of Love020 fame. Instagram

Referring to the children he said: "I am in the USA, but the reason why my family and I have been in the USA for over a year is that we must protect and take care of two young and innocent lives. My family is feeling very helpless due to my personal issues. They are exhausted and unable to live normal lives. As a result, we are unable to reunite, and I feel really uncomfortable."

Heng is currently taking legal actions. "I have hired a lawyer to handle all matters related to this, and I believe the facts will stand true in both Chinese and American court," his post read.

Zheng Shuang's Reaction to The Issue

Reacting to the same, Zheng also took to social media and stated: "This was an extremely sad situation that was getting exposed to the public with ulterior motives in mind. The legal teams in the US and China are dealing with the situation." She clarified that she did not go against [her] country's instructions while on Chinese soil, and respected all laws while [she] was overseas. At the end of the post she also wrote: "I needed help to figure out how to resolve the situation with the children" Reports claim that as surrogacy is illegal in China, the Zheng and Zhang couple decided to have children through surrogacy in the U.S.

Zheng's father also posted online and called Zhang's family sinister and crafty scumbags. He also claimed that Zhang had indecent footage of other women on his phone. "We will take responsibility for the two children. We're a responsible family," his post read.

Zhang had stated that Zheng was not ready to sign the documents to send the children to China, he has been stuck in the U.S. But Zheng has refuted these claims and said that her legal team is working to find a solution.

Heng was in a relationship with actress Zheng Shuang. Both had decided to have children through surrogacy. But their relationship went sour and the couple broke up in December 2019. Zheng revealed that she found out that Heng had cheated on her in September 2019 and the couple separated after two months. Zheng had claimed that Zhang had owed her money. He had borrowed from loan sharks under her name and then had refused to return the money.

Birth Certificate of Children

Heng also posted his picture with his two children in the U.S. on social media. One of Heng's friends have posted the birth certificate of the two children. Birth certificates mention Zheng Shuang as their mother. One child was born on Dec. 19, 2019 in Colorado and the second child was born on Jan. 4, 2020.

Reports also claim that the couple is scheduled to attend a court hearing related to Dissolution and Permanent Orders that deals with divorce or child custody proceedings.

Leaked Audio Recording

A series of audio recordings have also been released online. The leaked audio is the telephone conversation between Zheng Shuang's parents and Zhang Heng's parents. The actress' father is head saying that the children must be abandoned to which Heng's father disagrees.

The second audio recording is said to be of the actress. "What do we do with the children? I was nervous at the time [unclear what time], I want to say we should take responsibility for what we did. We really can't abort these babies? F***, it's so annoying," woman claimed to be Zheng is heard saying. But the authenticity of the leaked audio clippings has not been proved yet.

After the news broke out, Prada terminated Zheng as its ambassador. The company said that the Prada group has cancelled collaboration with actress Zheng Shuang following significant recent media coverage of her personal life.