Did LAPD Actually Intend to Arrest Will Smith Or Was This Just a 'Cover-up' Act? 'Anti-Black Gang' Jibe Resurfaces

The revelation made by Oscar Awards producer Will Packer on LAPD's presence in the Dolby Theatre to arrest Will Smith on the charges of "battery" has further amped up the confusion on social media.

The ambiguity in statements issued by the organizers and the producer of the Oscars Award has created an undying buzz. A large number of followers are questioning the organizers about the "stand" taken on the issue.

Chris Rock face pad
The photograph that appears to show Chris Rock wearing a face pad when Will Smith slapped him Twitter

A large number of people including celebrities and prominent personalities from varied segments have strongly condemned Will Smith's behavior, and even suggested that he should be stripped of his award.

Ambiguous Statements Create Confusion

Despite having been condemned for slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith attended the complete ceremony and also received the best actor award followed by a standing ovation. At the same time, the organizers claimed to ask Smith to leave the ceremony and even went to the extent of calling cops.

According to a report published in Daily Mail, Will Packer stated that the Los Angeles police were ready to arrest Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock during the Academy Awards on Sunday night, but refrained from doing so as the latter refused to press charges.

Packer, while speaking at an interview with ABC News, categorically recalled the cops asking Rock, "We will go get him, we are prepared to get him right now. You can press charges. We can arrest him." However, Rock declined to press charges, the producer stated further.

On the other hand, Los Angeles Police Department has come into the firing line as some social media users have alleged LAPD for being an anti-black gang.

A twitter user wrote, "There are people waving the flag of non- violence to argue that the LAPD should still arrest Will Smith (even if Chris Rock isn't pressing charges). The LAPD, one of the most violent anti- black gangs in the US."

Another post read: "Will Smith made an ass out of himself. Fortunately for him, he is rich & famous. And we all know the LAPD weren't going to do shit about it. FWIW: Will just demonstrated to every black young man that violence IS the answer. You even get an award. So messy.

"If you want to see proof the legal system serves celebrities & rich elites differently than everyone else (black, brown or white) watch #WillSmith assault Chris Rock on live TV, after which the LAPD & "The Academy" do nothing about it. In fact, Smith gets an award afterwards," was another message.