Did Harry Styles disappoint his fans in Singapore?

The much anticipated 'HARRY STYLES LIVE ON TOUR 2017 SINGAPORE' was a huge success. Harry's fans loved his performance but for one song

Harry Styles in Singapore
Harry Styles in Singapore Facebook

The pop icon and member of the famous band 'One Direction' Harry Styles performed in Singapore at the Star Performing Arts Centre on November 23 but not all his fans are upbeat.

The much anticipated 'HARRY STYLES LIVE ON TOUR 2017 SINGAPORE' was, of course, a huge success and many of Harry's fans loved the performance of the talented and adorable singer.

The 23-year old singer took the stage by storm said many of his fans took to Twitter. Harry made the crowd go wild with his humorous gestures and acts during his performance.

But for some reason, Harry got distracted while singing 'Sign of the Times' though fans backed him and chose to forgive him as he is their adorable 'Harry Styles'.

Harry also played with a rubber duck during his performance which made the audience cry with laughter.

Otherwise, seeing Harry perform live on the stage was a dream come true for many of his fans and they just can't get enough of his cuteness and awesomeness.

Check out how fans are reacting after witnessing Harry's performance in Singapore:

Last but not the least Harry has a message for his Singaporean fans. He tweeted saying, "Singapore, you were very special tonight. Thank you for having me. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again soon".

Behold Singapore! as there is another major surprise for fans who couldn't make it to this concert of Harry's as the 23-year-old singer is returning to Singapore for a bigger concert very soon. The event will be held at the Indoor Stadium in May next year and pre-booking is already open.

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