Did Han Ye Seul Purchase Lamborghini and Hire Boyfriend for her Firm to Evade Tax? Here's her Response

After drugs and prostitution, Han Ye Seul is now facing allegations of tax evasion. The actress has denied buying Lamborghini to evade tax while admitting that her boyfriend works at her firm.

Han Ye-seul with her Boyfriend
Han Ye-seul with her Boyfriend. Instagram

In a detailed press release, the 39-year old explained the reason why she hired her boyfriend to her firm and claims that she trusts him a lot. Hence the actress offered him the position and he was willing to help her. She expressed her surprise over how the confidential information was leaked.

"Although the car was purchased under the name of the corporation, rumors that his salary or Lamborghini expense might be considered tax evasion are not true. I also don't know how contracts that should've been kept secure were leaked so I will definitely look into it in court," Naver blog quotes her as saying in the statement.

The actress stated that she cannot claim a tax deduction by showing the expenditure of her car.

Series of Allegations
Ever since Han Ye Seul announced her relationship with a non-celebrity boyfriend, Garo Sero Institute, YouTube channel known for spreading scandalous rumours, has been attacking her with one speculation after other.

Firstly, her boyfriend was called a former male escort at a karaoke bar by Garo Sero Institute. Then, she was accused of involving in prostitution and consuming drugs.

The Tazza actress has denied all the allegations and now filed a defamation case against the rumour mongers. Han Ye Seul claimed that those allegations will continue to follow her all through her life and has to live with the "stigma of a criminal."

Han Ye Seul concluded, "I believe that there will be more harm done to me when I stay silent, and I know it will be difficult to endure these things, but I chose not to stay silent in a society that such actions are allowed...I won't let things slide anymore if me being cool about certain things makes me look like I admitted to certain crimes."