Did Donald Trump Know About FBI Raid? Social Media Abuzz with Speculations After Mar-a-Lago Raid

A dramatic FBI raid at Donald Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago has led to speculations on social media. A large number of social media followers have shared their opinion on the raid adding that there was nothing secret about this and that Trump knew about it beforehand.

The hue and cry followed by statements from Trump's end within a short span of the raid points towards the fact that Trump knew about the raid. The million-dollar question being, "Did anyone from the bureau leak the news about raid to Trump?"

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Had Enough Time to Stash Away Documents

A faction of social media followers even suggested that the prior information gave Trump enough time to transport the documents and other stuff that FBI was looking for to a safer place.

The ongoing speculations also imply that Governor Ron DeSantis knew about the raid and he informed Trump well before time so that he could stash away documents.

Some of the Trump supporters stated that the whole episode was to harass, demean and humiliate him as his opponents are getting cold feet on his increasing support.

"The best part about the FBI raiding Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence is that you Gov. DeSantis clearly knew about the raid — and you didn't warn trump. Grab your popcorn folks..." shared a Twitter user.

Another user wrote, "As Martin Luther king Jr rightly put it, " the arc of moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice", the FBI Director @Trump appointed himself just sanctioned a raid on his Mar-a-lago estate. It's the beginning of the end of Trump as we knew him. @FBI@JoeBiden."

A tweet read, "Also, if anyone believes Trump was unaware this was coming, I have multiple bridges to sell you. You all think the FBI was planning to raid Trump, and he didn't catch wind of it? The FBI leaks everything. Trump 100% knew this was coming. This smells like a trap."

"NO IT WASN'T a RAID Trump knew it was coming FBI Gave a call FIRST with a Heads up Trump and lawyers had Every warning possible but stonewalling with lawyers. "Former president Donald Trump says FBI raided his Florida home", read another tweet.