Did Britain's NHS Give Jihadi Bride Samia Hussein a Prosthetic Limb Despite 'Worst Backlogs'?

A British jihadi bride has been given a new arm and a £500,000 council house, according to reports in the British media. Reports say that the ISIS bride who lost an arm in an air strike has been fitted with a prosthetic limb funded by the National Health Service (NHS).

Who is Samia Hussein and When Did She Join the ISIS?

Samia Hussein, originally from Southall in West London, is a British Jihadi wife. Reports say that Hussein disappeared in 2015 having moved to Kenya five years earlier to finish her education. But after the battle for Baghouz, the last IS stronghold, she ended up in the Kurdish-run-al-hawl refugee camp in northern Syria.

She claims she was groomed online before fleeing to Syria to join the death cult at the height of the country's civil war in January 2015, reported The Sun.

But within 12 months, the Briton was nearly killed when her arm and breast were blown off in a coalition air strike which left her bed-ridden for seven months. The coalition forces launched an attack on a weapons store next to her home in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which was under the control of Islamic State.

Islamic State.
Islamic State. IANS

Hussein Was Back in Britain in February 2020

The 27-year-old, who joined the terror group in 2015, was arrested when she arrived back in Britain in February 2020. However, she has never been charged with a crime.

According to The Sun, Hussein, a former journalism student who was "brainwashed" into joining ISIS, tried to return to the UK via Heathrow using her British passport. However, she was reportedly stopped by anti-terror police.

Was the High-tech Prosthetic Limb Funded by the NHS?

A relative of Hussein, who did not want to be named, said Hussein had a prosthetic arm fitted about a year ago, around three months after her return to the UK, reported The Mail.

Asked if it had been paid for by a benefactor, he replied: 'No, no, no, it's from the NHS, definitely.'

The arm itself is thought to cost roughly £3,000 - on top of thousands of pounds in more in consultants' fees and physio aftercare. She received her artificial limb at a time when the NHS was suffering some of the worst backlogs in its history because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And it's been revealed she is now living in a newly-built council house with her family in West London. Prices of similar homes in the area range between £500,000 and £600,000.

Netizens Say the Money of Taxpayers Is Being Misused

As soon as the news of ISIS bride receiving £500K house broke out, people on social media have called this move as outrageous, ridiculous and shameful. One Twitter user wrote: "UK has lost the trust of locals as it's too busy accommodating jehadis." Another internet user wrote, "Our soldiers struggle with war injuries and trauma not to mention PTSD. What the hell is going on regarding governmental welfare priorities in this country?"

One person said, "And the NHS was considering not treating our elderly, many of whom have paid into the system all their life." Some believe that the UK government is letting the working class down in many areas and has been doing so for many years. Some netizens think that Hussein will use that house to rent out her prized possession.