DIA's Jueun and BTOB's Yook Sungjae are dating?

Yook Sungjae
Yook Sungjae has shared his plans on future acting Instagram/6_zalddow

DIA's Jueun has responded to reports that she is dating BTOB's Yook Sungjae. On 13 August, reports emerged that the two stars have been dating since January.

Adding on, the rumours thickened after Soompi reported that the two idols met at a gathering with friends and later fell in love with each other.

The South Korean girl group member admitted she was surprised at hearing the romance reports. During an interview, Jueun shared her thoughts on the news.

She said, according to Allkpop: "I was recording 'Immortal Song' with the DIA members. I was really shocked to see the news reports in the waiting room. The members even asked me if it was real."

She continued: "I only think of it as a simple happening. Everything is exactly as the news reports said, that I've never contacted [Sungjae] for personal reasons, plus I'm not even closely acquainted with him so it was baffling to see the dating rumours."

"I went to a gathering invited by an acquaintance and [Sungjae] was also invited. It was a big gathering of various acquaintances," she added.

When the dating reports became a hot topic on the internet, Jueun and Sungjae's agencies immediately denied the reports. BTOB's agency Cube Entertainment said: "We checked with him, and it is true that they were at a gathering with acquaintances, but they are not dating."

DIA's agency MBK Entertainment stated: "It is not true that she is dating Yook Sungjae. It is true that they were recently at a gathering with acquaintances, but we have checked [with her] and found out that they are not close."

Meanwhile, Sungjae had subtly denied the dating rumours. During BTOB's VLIVE, the Goblin star drank on a cup which has the words "muk-geum" which is a Korean slang for "don't feed the trolls" or "don't give your attention to useless words or actions."