Devotion, Persistence, and Dedication: Rudy Treminio's Success Story

Rudy Treminio

Failure shouldn't be overlooked by anyone, especially not those we admire. It's through failure that these individuals were able to learn, grow and ultimately succeed. We all know this about ourselves but whilst we learn to simply accept our own failures, sometimes we don't recognize that the most successful people in the world have had an abundance of failure.

This is the story of Rudy Treminio and how he changed his life to become a business owner, marketing, and branding expert as well as the author of the book ''Game Changer''.

How did Treminio start out?

Hailing from El Salvador Rudy ''El Patronn'' Treminio came to the United States as a teenager, he was unmotivated and unskilled. Though things started to look up after landing a job as a sales manager only for it to all come crashing down in his twenties. The odds were against him.

The rise back up

Rudy had a decision to make, either he goes back to working in an office or he chases his dream to reach financial freedom. His passion was cars, so he started making his way up in the industry. Now years later he is the GM of Brooklyn Mitsubishi and has turned around countless failing dealerships. Treminio stated: ''If you can't beat the odds, sometimes you have to change the game.'' And this is accentuated in his book Game Changer in which he tells his story to motivate and inspire others, that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Finding his way in the world

After reaching his goals and achieving financial freedom El Patronn wanted to enter the world of mentoring and social media, providing his expertise in marketing to up and coming entrepreneurs. Since then, he has opened up about his past and the struggles he went through to prove that his journey is no different from yours. Rudy reiterates this by saying ''You have to tell yourself: ''No matter how hard it gets you have to tell yourself I'm going to make it.''

What's next?

El Patronn has the world open to him and he is not stopping here. Working on his second book, starting an auto group, and becoming the 1# Chevy dealer in NYC just to name a few. Rudy is proof that you can become who you aspire to be no matter the situation. For everything new on Rudy ''El Patronn'' Treminio and his future endeavours.