Detroit School Teacher, 59, Posts Bomb Threats at her Own School, Arrested

The accused teacher taught at the school for 21 years and never had a single complaint to her name during her time there.

An art teacher in Detroit was arrested after posting bomb threats under the doors of 3 classrooms at the school she taught. Johnna Rhone, 59, wrote 3 notes claiming that the school would be bombed by a terrorist. The incident took place last week at Jefferson Middle School in St. Clair Shores, according to Maycomb County prosecutor Pete Lucido. "Start break early. He's gonna do it. Just don't be in the hall after lunch. Boom! Get it?" read one of the threatening notes. The notes were all hand-written by Rhone.

According to DailyMail, the notes were found under the doors of a classroom, the library, and the media center. Rhone was caught placing the hoax notes in the surveillance cameras in the school. The 59-year-old teacher was charged with making a false threat of terrorism. If convicted, Rhone could face 20 years behind bars. No motive behind the crime has been established so far.

Recently, schools in the area have been hit by numerous hoax threats ever since the Michigan school shooting that left 4 children dead on November 30. Rhone, however, is the first teacher to have been accused of making such a threat.

Johnna Rhone
Johnna Rhone Maycomb County Jail

The accused teacher taught at the school for 21 years

Johnna Rhone is a creative arts teacher who has taught in the school for 21 years. Her attorney, Andrew Leone, refuted the accusations. According to a statement from Lakeview Public Schools Superintendent Karl Paulson, Rhone has never had a single complaint or concern raised against her by students, parents or staff, during her time at the school.

Rhone, who was arrested on Friday, December 7, was placed on administrative leave. According to the police, Rhone did not cooperate with them and denied commenting on the issue. Classes were not suspended following her arrest.

'Not true, not true'

Rhone attended the court hearing via video conferencing and shouted 'not true, not true' as the evidence against her was unfolded in the court. Maycomb County prosecutor Pete Lucido said at a news conference post the court hearing that no parents would want their kids to be around that school when somebody is making that kind of threat. "This alleged behavior is unacceptable and disappointing," Paulson said.

If released on bond, Rhone is not allowed to have any contact with anyone from Jefferson Middle School. No guns or weapons were found at her home in a police search. Rhone's bond is set at 10 percent of a $75,000, house arrest with a GPS tether and psychological testing.