Detroit Cop Shoots Pet Dog in Head After an Attack on K9; Social Media Asks for Justice

The pet dog got caught in the muzzle of K9 through its yard's fence; Video goes viral on social media

A Detroit police officer fatally shot a pet dog in its face after it was caught in the muzzle of a cop's K9. The dog, which was barking at the group of cops from its fenced yard, reportedly got caught in the K9's muzzle through one of the gaps.

The video of the incident, which was captured on the surveillance camera in the yard, has drawn a lot of flak on social media, with many demanding justice for the dead dog.

Mixed-breed dog
Representational Picture Pixabay

Cop Didn't Try to Separate the Dogs

In the nearly 30 second video clip, shared by Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the white coloured dog is seen barking at the K9 as the latter nears the fence. The pet dog is seen stuck in the canine's muzzle struggling to be freed. There are several cops witnessing the incident, but none tries to intervene.

Instead of trying to separate the two dogs, the K9 handler cop shoots the fenced dog in the face. Suddenly, the pet dog is seen writhing on the ground as a woman rushes outside to witness the scene. Moments later, the woman is seen returning as the dog lies still.

Criticizing the act, the Foundation demanded actions against the officer responsible for shooting the dog. "This happened in Detroit, with footage being caught on a home camera system. The video is extremely upsetting - which shows Detroit police shooting a dog in the face and killing him," stated the caption.

"In the video the dog is barking through the fence at the policemen and police dogs. The officer draws his gun, as the dog appeared to be latched on to his dog's muzzle or face through the fence. Instead of trying to separate them he shoots the dog in the head. The officer responsible for the act needs to be held accountable. Please voice your concern and call the precinct and Detroit Mayors office demanding justice," the Foundation said.

Dog Killer Cop Leaves Netizen Fuming

The viral video, which has no sound, has drawn widespread criticism from the social media users who came down heavily on the erring cop. "This is so dangerous! Pulling a gun on a dog. What an aggressive and unstable way to deal with this situation," wrote a user.

"That cop should've had more control of his k-9 instead of taking that measure and acting like "it had to be done". Shameful," commented another.

"Unbelievable . And they wonder why there's no trust in cops. Can't control your own dog so the easiest thing is to shoot the other through a fence? Wow ," wrote another user.

"No words.. My heart is breaking.. i pray for this poor dog.. please put this man in jail, this is horrible and inhuman," expressed one.