From detoxification to weight loss, check out these 6 amazing benefits of sauna

People who are more relaxed, have a better quality of sleep and the chances of them waking up in the middle of the night are drastically reduced.

A view of a massage table at the spa facility at the Sielanka nad Pilica Hotel in Warka May 8, 2012. The Croatian soccer team has chosen Sielanka nad Pilica Hotel as their hub for the Euro 2012 soccer championships

Sauna and its health benefits have been spoken about time and again. Taking a few minutes off your day to spend time in the sauna will go a long way. The body responds to the heat very positively, leaving the person relaxed both mentally and physically.

Here are a few benefits of using the Sauna.


Schoolchildren wear protective goggles and masks to protect against toxic dust from dried mud in the flooded village of Devecser, 150 km (93.2 miles) west of Budapest October 13, 2010. Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the area around an alumina plant w

The body flushes out toxins by sweating. In just one day, a human can come in contact with at least 10 different chemicals. They can be found in our soaps, the pollution which we are exposed to on the way to work, in processed foods and even in cleaning products. The body then converts these toxins into substances which are soluble in water and can pass through the skin pores as sweat. Sitting in a sauna helps you sweat the dirt out.

Weight Loss

A man lifts weight as part of his training during a six-week programme in an exercise room at the Bodyworks weight loss campus in Beijing August 26, 2011. Participants at the Bodyworks weight loss campus come from across China, paying 30,000 yuan ($4,696)

Healthy diet and exercise are absolutely imperative along with sauna for a successful weight loss plan. The warmth of a sauna produces a similar effect like what happens when a person works out. The warmth increases a person's basal metabolic rate by an impressive amount, which enables the body to consume calories better for the duration of the day.

However, there is no particular measure of calories sauna sessions burn. Since every individual is different, their tolerance for heat varies as well. It is best to consult a doctor before going ahead with this plan, especially people with health conditions may have to limit their time at the sauna.

Stronger Immune System

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Heat helps the body create white blood cells, which play a vital role and are responsible to combat infections and diseases. When a person has a higher count of white blood cells, they are usually healthier and heal faster from illness.

Improving Circulation

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Heat helps improve the blood flow in the muscles. When the heat comes in contact with muscle fibres, the blood flow automatically increases, which means better circulation causes more oxygen to reach the tissues. The body also uses oxygen to help push toxins out of deeper areas of the muscles. Optimal circulation is important for good cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits, increased circulation also helps the body create more energy. A person with more energy and less muscular toxins will feel refreshed after stepping out of a sauna.

Stress Relief

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Stress is known to have very drastic effects on people. If ignored, it takes a toll on the body. It is common to every individual as everybody has to deal with stress and tension daily. So it is important that it is handled well. People who find it difficult to cope with the effects of stress may benefit from using a sauna. The muscles often tense up when a person feels stressed and the heat from a sauna can help relax them. In addition to treating the effects of stress, the underlying cause should be identified and treated.

Better sleep

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When the body is relaxed, it is easier for the body to rest. Good blood circulations prevent people from jerking, snoring and tossing in their sleep. People who are more relaxed, have a better quality of sleep and the chances of them waking up in the middle of the night are drastically reduced. Heat also helps many people feel sleepy, so a visit to a sauna right before going to bed may help those who find it hard to sleep a little easier with time.