Determined to carve his niche in the vast business world is Aleksandar Novakovic

Aleksandar Novakovic

He is also recognized for his part in 'This is Paris', Paris Hilton's documentary as her ex.

There could be many things that can happen in one's life that can either break or make a person. What a person takes out of those situations and challenges goes ahead in defining the person and the success he/she will attain in their respective endeavors in life. Many life's challenges are meant to make individuals learn many important lessons that they otherwise wouldn't know. Similar are the thoughts of an ace entrepreneur from Germany named Aleksandar Novakovic, who also made his name popular as Aleks Novakovic, as he featured in Paris Hilton's documentary 'This is Paris', as her ex.

"All the life experiences I have had in life, including me parting ways with Paris, has made me learn many things and turned me into a much more mature person today. I am glad of the many decisions I took in my life, which has what propelled me this further in my

professional life, where I have been able to focus on many things and grow more as an entrepreneur and individual," says the young and talented man.

Speaking about his education and upbringing, Aleks Novakovic says that the business world was something he always felt he belonged to but never imagined that in his early thirties, he would be able to carve his own niche. He credits this to the many values and principles he has learned in life, his attitude of learning from experiences, and his exceptional upbringing. He attained Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics and as soon as he completed his university, he was out on the ground to build his career from scratch.

People today know Aleks Novakovic as a young entrepreneur, who successfully manages all his businesses, right from his online fashion brand named 'What's The Minimum' (, his premium sparkling wine brand 'WTM', to his huge software company and online marketing and sales company and his life as a lifestyle marketer. He is also known as Mr. Crypto in the online sales space.

There is too much that this young gentleman has achieved so far in his career and to keep knowing more, follow him on Instagram.