Despite Trump's $1 trillion, American crisis looms large in wake of Coronavirus, points out data

Despite Trump's $1 trillion economic stimulus, data points out that a crisis would hit US with people struggling to make ends meet

Senate Republicans on Thursday took a measure to give $1 trillion economic stimulus package aiding US business and public while White House officials are considering sending $1,000 checks per citizen and $500 per child. But experts say it would not help as a long term safety net.

One out of 9 Americans struggle for a day's food, which means about 37 million Americans, point out 2018 figures released by by US Department of Agriculture. That number could double as the outbreak hits heavily on workers in the country, said Katie Fitzgerald, chief operating officer of a non-profit, Feeding America that looks after 200 food banks, reported Washington Post.

On its part, Feeding America has embarked upon a new COVID-19 Response Fund to support people facing hunger besides partnering with school authorities to ensure that the 22 million children who rely on school meals have access to food outside of the classroom during the coronavirus hiatus.

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Reports say that many businesses like hotels, restaurants and retail shops have signaled plans to shed thousands of jobs as the pandemic is getting worse in the country, prompting economists ponder the existing 33 percent jump in unemployment at 281,000 to further jump eight fold or to nearly about 2.4 million.

Job losses

More than one in five US families receive some or the other form of governmental benefit per month. That number could increase rapidly as businesses hit by the novel coronavirus may soon fire workers, specially service workers. The average Social Security payment is about $1,500 per month, while those with disabilities get less than $1,300. In the wake of price hike of necessities demanded by COVID-19, they can't manage housing and other needs.

Ever since the death of first cornavirus death in the US, 1 in 5 US workers have been fired or had their work hours reduced in the country, according to a recent poll by NPR and PBS NewsHour. By the end of March, according to some early estimates, one million Americans are expected to lose their jobs, pushing out an army of unemployed people on to streets struggling to make ends meet.

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