Despite the market downturn in 2022, Chromia is forging ahead - Anastasia Plane.

Anastasia Plane

Anastasia Plane is an MA graduate from Moscow who is an ex-athlete and gamer who has delved into the blockchain space of late. She is the Senior Marketing Lead at Chromia which is all set to disrupt the industry. Speaking about this powerful blockchain based platform, Anastasia says that this is perhaps one of the most innovative developments around this ever-growing modern sphere. As it is known that data is the backbone of every online entity that exists today as its underlying databases form an important part of its workings, ranging right from online banking to music streaming and gaming. Chromia comes across as a relational blockchain, which combines the relational database and blockchain together, making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry that exists around this sphere including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and much more.

Informing more about its technical details, Anastasia says that Chromia develops primarily on GitLab, with additional code on Bitbucket. Here she has charted out a few more details about how Chromia would turn out to be a robust platform owing to its extensive support system that ranges from D1 Network System, EIF (Ethereum Interoperability Framework, Hardened Bridge (H-Bridge), and FT4 Token Standard. She further informs that the D1 Network System is a collection of separate but interconnected components required for the Chromia Network to function as it stores all information needed to run the network, such as a list of providers and nodes, and configurations of all blockchains. "The team at Chromia has charted out the subtasks required for the completion of D1, and this will be the primary development focus moving forward towards main net launch" informs Anastasia.

Talking in length about the technical functions that go beyond making Chromia, Anastasia says that The EIF (Ethereum Interoperability Framework) allows Chromia to interoperate with Ethereum and other EVM chains (BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, AVAX C-Chain, etc.). Next in line is Hardened Bridge (H-Bridge), which is being built which utilizes EIF functions, allowing Chromia Network to bridge assets to and from EVM chains. Development on the H-Bridge is almost complete and will be ready for production soon. Lastly, the FT4 Token Standard is Chromia's token standard which will support all fungible, non-fungible, and native CHR tokens on its network.

Recent developments and updates point towards a rapidly evolving codebase that will offer unique Layer 1 and EVM Layer 2 opportunities, she further added.