'Descendants of the Sun' star Jin Goo talks about a 'surprise gift' that altered life

'I laughed for awhile when I heard they are selling my bookmarks...'

South Korean actor Jin Goo, who rose to fame with his character Seo Dae Young, says 'Descendants of the Sun' role was a surprise present in his life. The 35-year-old believes that his huge fan following ,especially female followers, have doubled after portraying the character of the young army man.

The talented actor, who appears on the cover of The Star June 2016 issue, shared his thoughts on his increasing popularity during his interview with the magazine. He said: "I laughed for awhile when I heard they are selling my bookmarks at the school bookstores, but I know I won't be maintaining this popularity like an idol star."

He continued: "I came all the way here without thinking much about popularity at all. I am satisfied enough to have new productions available to me, and I think that will allow me to act until I die." Jin Goo also added that he wants to "become an actor who is a good person rather than an actor who can only act well."

Adding on, in an early interview with Showbiz Korea, when asked about choosing his favorite scene from the show, Jin Goo picked the shot where he gets to propose Kim Ji Won. Further elaborating his choice, the actor added: "Because all the viewers who loved the Goo-Won couple were frustrated up until the sixteenth episode, wanting to know if they will ever get to love. Seeing those comments, I wanted to tell them [what happens] but because I'd be spoiling the story, I couldn't. It's one of the best scenes because it was like a gift to all the frustrated viewers."

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