Descendants of the Sun: Song Hye Kyo reveals her favorite scene from the show

The 34-year-old is on the cover of Star 1 magazine.

Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo has opened up about her favorite scene from the Descendants of the Sun. The 34-year-old actress played the role of Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon in the hit South Korean television show.

During her interaction with Star 1 magazine, the South Korean celebrity said: "There is a scene where I think Kang Mo Yeon is very lovable and admirable. It's in episode 12 where she tells Yoo Shi Jin, 'I want to do small, insignificant things with you,' and, 'Give me the right to worry about you'; I personally think the scenes where I say that is very impressive. That [my character] could say that, I thought, 'Wow, Kang Mo Yeon is so cool.'"

Hye Kyo has always been in love with her character as Dr Mo Yeon. The actress had previously admitted that she liked the depth, firmness and straight forwardness in the character, which made Mo Yeon popular among fans, especially females.

When asked if she would like to send across a message to her fans and well wishers, the Full House actress aseerted: "There are some who have been fans for a long time. I am so grateful for them. Thank you to those who have believed in me and supported me since 'Autumn In My Heart" until now no matter what choices I made."

"Going forward, I would like if you continued to believe in me no matter what decisions I make or whatever happens to me," Hye Kyo added.

As for the publication, Hye Kyo looked stunning on the cover of Star 1. The ethereal photo shoot of the magazine showcases the actress in classic attires.

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