Descendants of the Sun season 2: Second edition of Song Joong-ki starrer to be aired in 2017

The second edition of the series might not be a sequel to part 1.

If you are an ardent fan of the record breaking series Descendants of the Sun, then this news will surely make you jump off your seats.

It has been reported that the makers of the military themed series starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are planning to produce the second edition of the popular show.

In an interview with the news outlet, Naver, head of the KBS's drama department, Jung Sung Ho, confirmed the possibility of season two. He said that the show is being planned for its launch in 2017.

While interacting, Sung Ho stated that after seeing the enormous love for the show, the production team decided to gratify its fans with another series. The department head confirmed: "We want to repay viewers with the next Descendants of the Sun. We are grateful to viewers, overseas fans, staff, and actors. The drama was more than a domestic syndrome; it established a third wave of Hallyu. KBS will strive to produce a second Descendants of the Sun to meet expectations and repay viewers. We plan to launch a 2017 Descendants of the Sun project for broadcast in 2017 through negotiations with the cast and production team."

However, the second edition of the series might not be a sequel to part one. Sung Ho affirmed that the co-author of DOTS, Kim Won Suk may not write for part two, due to his unwillingness to stretch the story furthermore. He explained: "We have to keep discussing whether it will be a story of a soldier or not. Descendants of the Sun was this year's top drama and greatly contributed to the Hallyu wave, and we mean that we wish to work on a project that will follow it closely. For the time being, we plan to proceed with a variety of projects with a 2017 broadcast goal."

Sung Ho also asserted that the production plan for the forthcoming season is in its initial stages. He added: "You can say that we are currently leveling the ground for a house to be building. We also have to think about the aspect of pre-production."

Meanwhile, Won Suk had previously revealed he will not be a part of season two. He said: "I have no plans for a second season. I've already told the story I wanted to tell. I hope that Yoo Si Jin will lead a happy life in the future without any more trouble."