Descendants of the Sun: Scenes of military face-off altered in Chinese version

Some scenes, including those of a military confrontation between South and North Korean soldiers, were changed by censors.

South Korean TV drama 'Descendants of the Sun', which is going strong with robust viewership across Asia, is said to have been tweaked a little for Chinese audiences.

The series, which is aired in South Korea and China simultaneously, is reportedly altered to fit the needs of the Chinese censorship rules. It is said that the 16-episode Korean drama, which is based on a military setup, may be seen as sensitive in China.

In one of the interviews with Music & New, a distribution company for the music from, the drama producers revealed that Chinese censorship board has revised some of the scenes from various episodes which show a military confrontation.

"Some scenes, including a military confrontation between the South and North Korean soldiers, were changed by censorship", the official told Korea Times.

One of the scene where Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (played by Song Hye-kyo), a doctor from Doctors without Borders, treats a Chinese soldier has also been deleted from the Chinese version of "Descendants of the Sun".

The South Korean drama is one of its kind, partly being produced by the Chinese company and is broadcast all together in both the countries. Currently on its 11th episode, Descendants of the Sun can be watched on Korea's KBS2 TV and Chinese online video platform iQiyi.