Descendants of the Sun remake: Will the Chinese fire-fighters be more appealing than the Korean army guys?

A Chinese production company named New is all set to remake the hit Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun.

After the massive success of Descendants of the Sun in China, a production company named New is all set to produce a remake of the hit Korean drama played by leading actors like Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. The company has already secured the rights of the drama and the remake is expected to be dubbed in other languages as well.

Although the casting is not yet ready, netizens have already started debating on which Chinese actors should play the lead characters. In an online poll, Chinese fans have voted five actors as their top choices to play the main characters in the drama. The list includes Hu Ge, Gao Yuanyuan, Wallace Huo, Li Yifeng and Liu Shi Shi.

Out of all the five names, actor Hu Ge and actress Gao YuanYuan are voted as the top two choices to play the main roles. But the very thought of remake has left the audience with a million dollar question - will it be as popular as the original one? Will they find the Chinese fire-fighters more appealing than the Korean army guys? Will it be possible for the actors to do justice to the character of Yoo Si-jin, played by Joong-ki.

Another big doubt about the remake is, now that the viewers have experienced the thrill of the original drama, which has a mixture of romance, melodrama, action and a bit of comedy, will the fans be interested in watching a reiteration of the same plot and twists which they are already aware of?

Well, the plans are still not finalized regarding the number of episodes but the makers are in no way ready to compromise on the real essence of the story: a great love story, spectacular landscapes and gorgeous actors. After all, these are the elements which have actually helped the drama to reach up to this height.