Descendants of the Sun actor Jin Goo hasn't turned 'cocky' with the fame post drama

Jin Goo played Seo Dae Young in hit series Descendants of the Sun

Jin Goo
Jin Goo played Seo Dae Young in Descendants of the Sun Facebook/Jin Goo

South Korean actor Jin Goo, who rose to fame with his role in monster hit series Descendants of the Sun, is still in awe of his character. The 35-year-old won huge popularity and admiration for his role in the drama.

While the craze graph of the 35-year-old is shooting up day-by-day, the actor did not take the traction to his head. In a recent interaction with Grazia, the Spotlight actor revealed that he hasn't turned 'cocky' with all the love and fame being showered over: "It's true that it's something to be happy and thankful about, but it's not making me go cocky like, 'Did you see that? I'm this great," he said.

Showcasing his deep affection for the career he has chosen, the actor relayed: "To me, this situation still feels unreal. And I also know that this period won't last long. All I want is to be acting until I die. Memorizing lines and overnight filming will be overwhelming once I age, but I hope I can be acting as long as I can. That's why I'm trying harder to take care of my health."

Furthermore, the second edition of the popular series is still in decision phase. While many media reports confirmed the production of DOTS 2, there has been no official statement affirming the same.

However, Jin Goo addressed rumours over the sequel in a previous interview. Although the actor did not reveal much about the remake, he expressed his desire to be cast in the show again. "I also heard about it. I saw reports on it, and if there is a season 2, then of course I will take part. I will do it again no matter how successful or not it may be since I received a great gift from it. I have to pay back what I received," he told Sports Chosun.