Descendants of the Sun: 10 unforgettable dialogues from Song Joong Ki starrer

'Descendants of the Sun' broke all the viewership records and won millions of fans across the globe.

Descendants of the Sun
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Korean television dramas have always been quite popular across Asia, but the release of the Descendants of the Sun, a 16-episode military romance, starring Song Joong Ki, escalated the popularity to the peak of K-drama fever.

The show broke all the viewership records and won millions of fans across the globe. President Park Geun-hye said the drama could help spread South Korean culture and boost tourism.

According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, the drama was sold to 27 countries including the UK and translated into 32 different languages.

A military theme is very rare in TV shows and when it was combined with the romantic theme, it became very different from the other Korean soap operas. But, this was not all.

Song Joong Ki, the boyish-looking hunk of the Descendants of the Sun, and Song Hye-Ko, who played the love interst of Song Joong Ki, were also loved by its global audience.

Descendent of the Sun: Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo
Still from the hit series Descendant of the Sun. Facebook/Descendant of the Sun

Song captivated innumerable fluttery hearts and mesmerised everyone with his performance and charm. Fans loved the onscreen couple and their intense love in the drama.

There are several dialogues in the Descendants of the Sun which have created a long-lasting impact on its fans. Let's relive those moments once again here.

1. "I hope you don't think my kiss is bad. I did it after thinking a thousand times" (When You Si-jin kisses Kang Mo-yeon for the first time).

2. "You are already beautiful". (Yoo Si-jin speaks to Kang Mo-yeon. She is reluctant to make eye contact because she is wearing no make-up).

3. "You have so many men to worry about. Just worry about me from now on." (Detained Yoo Si-jin tells Kang Mo-yeon, who is crying on the opposite side of the door. Yoo has been detained for ignoring his superior's order).

4. "Regarding the kiss, what should I do? Should I apologize for that? Should I confess my feeling to you?" (Yoo Si-jin reveals his feelings to Kang Mo-yeon and asks her the question one day before he returns to Korea).

5. "Yes ... you know, I have (been bewitched by something)." (Kang Mo-yeon and Yoo Si-jin look at the wrecked ship and Kang asks him: "Have you ever been bewitched by something?").

Song Joong Ki
Anonymous releases pictures of Song Joong Ki with ex girlfriend. Twitter

6. "There is a way." (Yoo Si-jin, who is not allowed to drink alcohol as a soldier, speaks to Kang Mo-yeon, who is drinking wine, before kissing her).

7. "Because it is far away ... I want to spend more time with you." (When Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeon got to a beach, Kang asks Yoo: "Didn't you say the beach is far from here?").

8. "My principle is that children, beautiful women and the elderly need to be protected." (Yoo Si-jin explains to Kang Mo-yeon why he allowed Kang to operate on an elderly patient despite the danger).

9. "It is not because you are good. It is because Seo Dae-young is a real soldier. That's why I love him. If you don't allow me to be sent to Uruk, you will lose not only first lieutenant Yoon Myung-joo but also daughter Yoon Myung Joo."
(Yoon Myung-joo speaks to her father, who thinks poorly of Seo Dae-young as Yoon Myung-joo's husband).

10. "This is the most exciting moment since my birth. The moment I am with a beautiful woman before the lights (of the cinema) go out." (When Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeon go on their first date to in a cinema. Yoo Si-jin speaks after Kang Mo-yeon says, "I feel most excited before the lights of the theater go out.").

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