From Dermatologist to a social media Star with Millions of Subscribers What makes doctor Yousef Abo Zarad turn his dreams into reality?

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Dr. Yousef Abo Zarad

What would an ordinary person do if he had to leave his country due to a war situation and take refuge in another country? He would probably go into depression or continue to struggle, blaming the circumstances all the while. Not but Dr. Yousef Abo Zarad, a dermatologist by profession

Dr. Abo Zarad graduated from a medical college in Aleppo-Syria with a good average. After six grueling years of studies, he had dreams in his eyes and passion in his heart to pursue his career. But, unfortunately, war broke out in Syria and he had to leave his country.

He took refuge in Germany. But this incident did not deter Dr. Abo Zarad from pursuing his dream.

Doctor Yousef says, "my motto is just a man who's dream is to be the best."

He continued his studies in Germany and in 2018 obtained the German Certificate of Amendment. He worked as an orthopedic surgeon for two years. Thereafter, he chose to change his specialty. He pursued dermatology and cosmetology.

Doctor Yousef has to his credit several successful surgeries, from benign and malignant skin cancers to handling scars on the skin, and more.

He has carried out laser interventions for a host of skin problems viz; Rosacea, warts, hirsutism, acne, age spots, and keloid. He is a specialist in microneedling, Botox, PRP for hair, and other surgical and cosmetic skin procedures.

A lot many doctors perform surgeries and gain high experience in hair and skin procedures. But what makes doctor Yousef a class apart is that he spreads his knowledge through the social media. In fact, he has made the best use of the social medial platforms to spread awareness and help people increase knowledge on various medical topics.

His passion to spread knowledge has made him a social media star at age of 31. This dermatologist, today, is a YouTuber, Facebooker, Tiktoker, and Instagrammer. He is also on Twitter and has his own website.

His dream of becoming the best has made him a star in all these platforms, especially on YouTube where he has garnered around one million subscribers, and on Tiktok where he attracted one million followers in just three months!

"I talk about everything related to skin, hair, weight loss, fat burn, increasing height and the latest-modern cosmetic treatments in various medical topics," says Dr. Abo Zarad.

He is a well-known dermatologist in the Middle-East and in Europe.

Doctor Yousef confesses his obsession with scientific conferences. He appeared with Prof. Doc. med. Klaus Fritz in his last show.

He gives his wife and family the credit to be his biggest supporters.

Dr. Yousef Abo Zarad wishes to share his medical expertise and information to his followers in the simplest manner possible. His goal is to advise his followers regarding the best products available worldwide at the lowest prices, based on his experience and expertise with brands.

This article was first published on September 29, 2022