Deniz Guney: Building A Successful Mobile App Development Business

Deniz Guney

In just a few months, Deniz Guney has gone from being an absolute newcomer with no previous experience to a developer whose apps have received millions of downloads in the Google Play and Apple App Store. In the meantime, he has founded "Rocket Digital Limited", a company that specializes in mobile app development.

Learn To Develop Apps Without Investing Money

Many people all over the world want to learn how to develop mobile apps for iOS or Android, but often they don't know where to learn it or they are faced with overpriced courses. Deniz Guney learned how to develop mobile apps just by watching videos on YouTube and reading blogs. In the end, the key factors are motivation and discipline. Deniz Guney is a good example of what you can achieve if you just invest enough time in something.

Decide On A Programming Language

Nowadays there are many different programming languages with which you can develop great apps for iOS and Android. Deniz Guney decided right at the beginning that he would learn "Dart" in order to develop Flutter apps. The big advantage of Flutter is that you can develop apps for iOS, Android, desktop and a web app with a single code. This saves a lot of time.

Fortunately, the internet is full of tutorials and videos on how to create modern and user-friendly apps with Flutter step by step. This was very helpful for Deniz Guney. After three months, he was already able to independently develop his first app, which also immediately became a huge success.

Aim For The Highest Possible Quality

What Deniz Guney noticed very quickly was that while there was a lot of competition in the niches, the apps from the competition didn't look professional, nor were their App Store listings complete. It was really not a challenge to attract more users than the competition.

Every app developer should think of the big picture and strive for the highest possible quality. It is not enough to develop a full working app. It has to look visually attractive and be user-friendly. This not only ensures that the app won't be uninstalled right away, but users will spend more time in the app, which in turn will have a positive effect on a high ranking in the App Store.

Without A Good Marketing Plan, No One Will Notice Your Apps

You can have the best and most helpful app in the App Store, but if no one sees it, it won't do you any good. Deniz Guney has managed to get his apps installed millions of times and all without spending a single dollar on paid ads.

His marketing plan mainly determined from the fact that he had redirected external organic traffic to his apps through his own blogs in the same niche, which he himself had previously given a high ranking in the Google search engine through search engine optimization, and thus was able to get hundreds of downloads a day without spending money for app installs. In addition, Deniz Guney used Facebook groups, which were in the same niche, to attract users.

App Store Optimization (ASO) played another very important role and subsequently ensured that his apps are downloaded thousands of times a day. At times, his apps were also in the top 10 of various categories, which provided another boost in download numbers.

This Is Just The Beginning

In the meantime, Deniz Guney is working on many other projects, such as Instazeal or TikBoost. The goal of him and Rocket Digital Limited is to create apps that can help people in their everyday lives.