Demi Rose Hits Back At Troll For Fat-Shaming Her

Demi Rose has been raising temperatures to a whole new level by posting sultry pictures of herself sporting bikinis, lingerie and see-through tops. She is the most sought after model on Instagram with a whopping 14 million followers and counting. Just recently, the brunette babe shared a revealing picture wearing a white and pink printed T-shirt. One of the comments on the picture irked the 25-year-old model.

Though the model looked fabulous, the troll commented, ''Ok quarantine is making you gain weight.'' The comment did not go down well with Demi and she hit back strongly for bodyshaming her. She took a swipe at the troll laced with some good humor, ''@raquy1 I'm a size XS/UK 6. Only cause my a** is fat.''

Demi Rose
Instagram grab/ Demi Rose

'I Stay Home, Meditate and Read a Lot of Books'

Rose has been indoors since the lockdown was announced and revealed that she only steps out to fetch essential items. The buxom beauty stated that apart from wearing sultry lingerie in the comfort of her home, she spends most of her time meditating, reading books and is now more into inner healing, as she's enjoying having some time for self-reflection.

Demi Rose Hits Back At Troll
Instagram grab/ Demi Rose

''Corona really f**ed us up, really majorly f**ked us up. I hope you're all staying safe and me... I am meditating, I'm trying to read a lot of books. Me and Teddy are really bored. I really want corona to f**k off, honestly. I find this time is really healing. I've never had the chance to sit here, not be able to move. I kind of sweep it under the carpet and get on with it. I've had time to think about things I haven't really got over, I've never really grieved.''

She also joked that she's not able to wear her glamorous clothing for dinner dates and hoped the coronavirus pandemic would end soon and she'd be out strutting in her outfits. ''All I have with me is crochet stuff and bikinis. I'm sick of wearing all the other stuff that I bought that is loungey. What is your bet that this will be over in June, July, August... What do you think, like never? I'm trying to think about the positives with this time. If you're feeling a lot, you're trapped in your home, trapped with your thoughts, try and think about it like you need to feel this way, get over it to be better.''