Demi Rose flaunts her assets in barely there swimwear [Video]

Demi Rose flaunted her curves and paired her look with a blonde wig. The model looked gorgeous in the snaps

Demi Rose
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Demi Rose sure knows how to turn up the heat. The model teased her fans in a new social media post. The 24-year-old model showed off her enviable assets in a skimpy yellow bikini. She flaunted her curves and paired her look with a blonde wig. Her look comes on the heels of her PVC Barbie Halloween costume which saw the model showcasing her heaving cleavage and tiny waist in a pastel pink PVC corset with a plunging sweetheart neckline.

The scanty garment also cut into a thong at the back, displaying the star's famously peachy derriere and hourglass curves. Demi Rose sure seems to be putting in the work, promoting herself on social media. The model rose to fame as one of Tyga's exes, but she seems to be using that relationship to carve out a name for herself. The 24-year-old has so far garnered quite a following on social media as she has about 10.4million followers.

Demi Rose
Demi Rose Demi Rose Official Instagram demirosemawby

Demi has been keeping herself busy and looks gorgeous as she is working hard to capitalize on it, posting scintillating snaps whenever she can and taking one modelling assignment after another. Despite her work, the model insisted to MailOnline she sticks to her 'healthy' routine and admitted nuts are the fattiest foods she eats.

In September last year, Demi revealed: 'I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it's hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine... Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know. The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter.'

Demi went on to say that her figure just gains weight so fast. Any bad thing she eats that her body isn't used to it and just puts on the weight. That is why she revealed that the 24-year-old abstains from eating birthday cake. Eating healthy sure is working out for Demi, these pics are proof of that. You can check out the video here: