Delving into Filip Boksa's Obsession in Building BookingKoala

Filip Boksa

It is not a hidden fact that obsession plays a crucial role in one's success. Take it from the best of athletes, inventors, musicians or any profession, their obsession helped them transform their desire into a full-time profession. The quality of being obsessive attracts courage, thought and innovation and helps people make conscious decisions. One such example in focus is that of Filip Boksa, the CEO and Co-founder of BookingKoala.

Boksa, a Polish entrepreneur, collaborated with his high school best friend at the age of 19 to open up King of Maids, a home cleaning company based in Chicago. In just 3 years of time, his company attained $5,000,000 revenue when Boksa was merely a 22-year-old guy. Four years hence, Boksa came up with another venture called BookingKoala, an online booking software designed to help businesses to handle appointment scheduling, lead generation, billing, marketing, and other operations. Boksa's obsession and dedication helped him gather thousands of entrepreneurs who use his services today.

Obsession coupled with sacrifices and hard work makes one climb the ladder of success. On similar lines, Boksa became obsessed with everything business-related. He worked for long hours, and was quite meticulous in his approach. At that time, he knew that they needed to build their own technology to power their growth to get ahead. Existing technology at the time didn't cut it, so they hired a team to develop their own.

Boksa and his partner were extremely hands-on in the early years of King of Maids. Even though they didn't want to be so involved, they had no choice because they didn't have the budget to hire help. This turned out to be an advantage because they quickly learned about all the problems their customers and providers had with their service and the industry. They made the adjustments and figured out how to solve their problems using technology. The profits followed, and eventually, BookingKoala emerged from it.

When Boksa turned 24, he joined hands with Vivek Prajapati, head developer for King of Maids, and launched BookingKoala. It took them nearly 2 years to restructure the software that powered the growth of King of Maids and make it public to other entrepreneurs.

Today, Boksa says that he's more obsessed than ever to win. His goal is to make BookingKoala, a unicorn company, without the support of any outside capital. Working on a self-funded initiative, Boksa is inspiring the budding entrepreneurs by showing them that they don't need outside capital to make big things happen. His obsession, attention to detail and an independent approach continues to set an example for people who see themselves in his footsteps. Boksa also inspires others by storytelling on his Twitter and educating entrepreneurs through his YouTube channel.