Delta to replace employees' uniforms after complaints of health issues

American Airlines had a similar situation with Twin Hill after employees talked about health issues from the uniform

Delta Airlines is set to replace its employees' uniforms after concerns emerged over their health. Several employees complained that the new uniforms launched in 2018 were causing serious health issues including respiratory problems and auto-immune conditions.

The airline employees sued Lands End, the makers of the uniforms, earlier this month. According to the lawsuit, they suffered from "serious" reactions and health problems because of the "various chemical additives and finishes" used in the uniforms.

The new uniforms were said to be for "above wing" employees and the company claimed that the ground staff were happy with their uniforms.

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines uniform (Representational Image) Wikimedia Commons

Contrasting claims

Lands End is yet to comment on the lawsuit. More than 500 employees, mostly flight attendants, said they experienced health issues after wearing the uniforms.

Delta said they had conducted tests that showed the uniforms were perfectly all right. But the employees claimed that tests from their side showed that the uniforms contained harmful chemicals and substances which were above norms. The lawsuit spelt out the health issues experienced by the employees: vocal cord dysfunction, breathing difficulties, skin blisters and rashes, blurred vision, nosebleeds, ringing ears, migraine headaches, and fatigue.

On Wednesday, Delta confirmed that they will be changing the uniforms. Delta spokesman Anthony Black added that the uniforms were certified to be safe, but they were headed back to the drawing board to work on different uniforms which will be released by the middle of this year, hopefully in May. Permanent and complete changes in the uniforms are said to take place by the end of 2021.

The changes will cause the company millions of dollars.

Not the first time

There have been previous cases where apparel standards were reportedly not met. New uniforms by American Airlines came in for harsh reviews by employees who reportedly experienced body rashes, burning throat, and eyes. The company filed a complaint against the manufacturer Twin Hill following the health issues.