Delorenzo Property Group – Experts in Providing Decision Certainty For Property Valuations Paving The Way For New Property Technology


For buyers, a property valuation can reduce the chance of buying a property that doesn't reflect the market price. This is especially important if you're buying privately, as at an auction, you'll be able to generally gauge the worth of the property by prospective buyers' willingness to bid. Also, vitally important to consider are the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors of a prospective property.

Whilst ESG are non-financial factors to consider, they can make an enormous impact on the value of a property. With the property landscape changing so rapidly, particularly in today's landscape, now more than ever it is strongly advised that buyers conduct not only a valuation report before buying property, but use a valuation firm that applies these non-financial factors as a part of their analysis process to spot material risks and growth opportunities.

Delorenzo Property Group are industry leaders in sustainable built environments. The Australian based firm was founded in 2020 by John Delorenzo, giving the property valuation industry a greatly needed refreshing approach to property valuations. A valuation and advisory company, Delorenzo Property Group focuses on helping their clients increase their wealth through property. "Sustainable buildings are expected to offer economic benefits to their owners and tenants," says John. "This is the type of factor that needs to be reflected in property valuations."

With years of experience providing impartial and independent property advice the Delorenzo Property Group reduces the time, effort, and cost of the valuation process for their clients and ensures peace of mind that you have made the best real estate decision when purchasing or selling a property. John and his team are committed to not only forming part of a Global plan to encourage green investment strategies but informing their clients how considering ESG factors can work in their favor when buying property.

"At Delorenzo Property Group we take a customer-centric, trustworthy, independent, modern, impartial, and environmentally focused approach," says John. "In order to inform our clients to the best of our abilities, we conduct extensive market research to create innovative strategies to reduce time, effort, and costs for our clients." Part of this includes developing new Property Technology (PropTech) to streamline this process.

There is currently very little product innovation within the valuation industry. Advancements to PropTech will help the property valuations industry to improve their data collection, awareness around environmental issues, and thorough analyzed sales/leasing information for commercial or rural properties. Delorenzo Property Group are shaping up to be a disrupter to the property industry, and are currently in the process of obtaining patent and sole use license for this innovative new Property Technology. "Part of our strategic plan is to reduce costs per valuation, "says John. "However, we are aiming to do this in a way that also increases individual wages whilst providing awareness to preservation of natural resources and care for our earth."

Looking towards our future, John and the team at Delorenzo Property Group are always looking for new ways to innovate, reduce time, effort, and costs for customers, whilst still providing the highest quality of customer care in the industry. "At Delorenzo Property Group, we won't tell you what you want to hear," says John. "Instead we tell you what you need to hear so that you can make an informed decision for your future."

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