DelivrMe: A Revolution By Aaron Branch And Zak Lloyd. Win Shipping Wars With Same Day Delivery


You've seen the giant players in the shipping industry and what they can accomplish. Businesses such as Amazon have made a name for themselves owing to services like their Prime Delivery. When they rolled out their two-day shipping services and later launched their Amazon Prime Now same-day delivery, the shipping landscape was affected in ways that would change the future of delivery services permanently. To have a competitive edge now, it is crucial to offer delivery services that either match or even surpass the massive delivery capacity of the e-commerce goliath.

Out-competing in the Age of Amazon

Although Amazon has its great infrastructure to depend on for quick and efficient deliveries, mid-size and smaller delivery services can still compete by further optimization and use of the most time-efficient delivery methods available. To pull this off, however, a smaller business needs to adapt to means beyond conventional methods of delivery, such as those offered by DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Research by Forbes Insights involving over 650,000 businesses revealed that over 90% of businesses have stuck to a similar method of delivery and shipping for over 4 years.
With this in mind, it's clear that for your company to claim a slice of the pie and beat competition for what's left, you need an innovative solution. That's where same-day delivery services can provide you a competitive edge over those who use a more traditional delivery method.

Up Your Shipping Game with DelivrMe

DelivrMe is the brainchild of CEO Social Agendas, Aaron Branch, and founder Zak Lloyd. The two felt the need to address customer pain points when it comes to a delivery service that's quick and reliable. Since its inception, DelivrMe has:

● Conducted successful test orders in Solihull, UK
● Won a £50,000 grant by the UK Government Innovation Agency
● Raised £150,000 within 5 hours of launching its crowdfunding campaign
● Exceeded the expected raise and gone into overfunding

Advantages of DelivrMe

Below are some of the ways that DelivrMe will streamline product deliveries and offer endless advantages inefficiency that conventional shipping companies simply don't provide:

● 24/7 service meaning you get your products delivered on the same day.
● A diverse fleet of transport vehicles: From motorcycles to freight trucks to deliver any product no matter its weight and size.
● Priority on consumer and driver experience
● Intelligent technology. DelivrMe employs sophisticated tech to update the balance of the prepaid card in real-time based on live orders
● Need for Speed. You can get your product delivered as quickly as under an hour. Customers are thrilled to know that they can have their products delivered on the same day.
● Providing revolutionary service without holding any inventory

Whether it is shoppers who do last-minute purchases during the holidays or for customers who simply want their products delivered quickly, a dependable same-day delivery courier is crucial to retaining repeat customers and acquiring new ones. Aaron Branch, CEO of Social Agendas, and Zak Lloyd developed DelivrMe with the sole motivation to ensure customers get their products as safe and quickly as possible.