Delivery Man Ending, Episode 12 (Finale) How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Delivery Man ending will reveal the fate of Kang Ji Hyun, Seo Young Min, and Dr. Do Gyu Jin. Episode 12 will air on ENA Thursday, April 6, at 9 pm KST. People in South Korea can watch the finale on TV. Domestic viewers can watch the last episode on Genie TV or stream it on TVING.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, can enjoy the last chapter of this fantasy crime thriller drama with subtitles on Viki and Viu.

The mini-series revolves around the life of a taxi driver who loves his work. His life changes after he meets a pretty young woman. When the taxi driver finds the woman is a ghost who does not remember how she died, they plan to start a ghost taxi service. The mini-series follows the taxi driver and the pretty woman as they help several ghosts to fulfill their last wishes.

Delivery Man
Delivery Man poster Twitter/TVING

Delivery Man Ending

The viewers are curious about what lies ahead for Kang Ji Hyun and Seo Young Min towards the end. The relationship between a ghost and a human might not end well. But Kang Ji Hyun and Seo Young Min will continue their fight against Dr. Do Gyu Jin in the finale of Delivery Man.

The mini-series stars Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, and Kim Min Seok in lead roles. The supporting casts include Kim Seung Soo, Park Hye Jin, Park Jeong Hak, Heo Ji Na, Lee Hye Jung, Lee Gyu Hyeon, and Ha Kyung.

How to Watch Delivery Man Ending?

Delivery Man episode 12 will air on ENA, TVING, and Genie TV Thursday, April 6, at 9 pm KST. It will be broadcast live with English subtitles for the non-Korean speaking population on Viki or Viu. The international episode release timings are as below:

  • EST - 7.00 am
  • PST - 4.00 am
  • GMT - 12.00 noon
  • CET - 1.00 pm