Delicious Musical Bibap entices Jakarta, produces fun-filled show

Delicious Musical Bibap

Delicious Musical Bibap
Delicious Musical Bibap poster YouTube grab

For the third consecutive time, the team of Korean culinary-themed musical performance Delicious Musical Bibap has not failed to entertain audiences in Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta.

Indonesian audiences were enthralled by the group's energetic performance which combined acapella, beat-boxing, and break-dance, demonstration of motions through B-boy, Acrobatics, and Martial Arts.

It was reported that during the performance, two head chefs interacted with members of the audience and even invited few of them on the stage. To make it more entertaining, the Korean artists also spoke small Indonesian phrases, like "Hei kamu, beresin dong. Ini mahal" (Hey you, clean this up. This is expensive.) while chitchatting with the audience.

Prior to this year, the Bibap team visited Jakarta twice - in 2013 and 2015 to showcase their performances which were opened to a limited number of audiences. However, this time the musical performance was opened to a large number of audience and also witnessed more participation from the public, reported the Jakarta post.

The news website also reported Event promoter Yes24 Entertainment Indonesia director Jun-ho Lee saying the audiences' response to the show was overwhelming. "We will review this show and if we find there is potential, we will perform in other cities, like Surabaya, next year," said Lee after the show.

Bibap is a non-verbal performance based on the traditional Korean dish, prepared with rice, vegetables and beef, called bibimbap. The running time of the show is around 80 minutes within which eight actors dressed as chefs give a breathtaking performance with only music and expression.

The show is running from 11 November to 13 November at Ciputra Artpreneur in South Jakarta and tickets can be booked on websites including or