Defendant finale: Kim Min Suk and cast members walked the streets to fulfill ratings promise

Kim Min Suk had promised that he would walk for 10 hours dressed in his prison outfit on the streets of Seoul.

A scene from SBS drama 'Defendant.' Drama

The SBS legal drama "Defendant" ended successfully with its highest viewership ratings ever. According to reports from Nielson Korea, the final episode of the drama that aired on March 21 received nationwide 28.3 percent ratings, that is 1.3 percent more than the previous episode.

The legal thriller drama started with 14.5 percent ratings when its first episode aired on January 23 and by 7 episodes "Defendant" passed the mark of 20 percent ratings. Soon it reached impressive 25 percent ratings by episode 15, and finished off with a final rating of 28.3 percent.

Meanwhile, on March 21, in honor of the drama's popularity, the cast of "Defendant" took to streets to fulfil the ratings promise. The promise was fulfilled by Defendant members mainly- Kim Min Suk, Woo Hyun, Oh Dae Hwan, and Jo Jae Ryong.

Previously, Kim Min Suk promised that if "Defendant" receives more than 25 percent in viewership ratings, then he would walk for 10 hours dressed in his prison outfit on the streets of Seoul.

Since the drama surpassed the said ratings, Kim Min Suk did fulfil his promise, as he walked around the Hongdae area of Seoul. However, he obviously didn't actually end up walking 10 hours but did keep his promise though.

After the event, the young actor posted a short video on Instagram, it was to inform everyone that the event wrapped up and thanked the viewers for their love and support. Also, he thanked his seniors for completing such a difficult task with him.

This article was first published on March 22, 2017