Defendant to beat Lee Min Ho's drama Legend of the Blue Sea in ratings

Defendant is doing extremely well and is expected to exceed the earlier ratings of the production.

A scene from SBS drama 'Defendant.' Drama

The popular SBS mermaid drama, "Legend of the Blue Sea" came to an end last month with high TV ratings. Reportedly, the new SBS suspense drama "Defendant" is doing extremely well is expected to exceed the earlier ratings of the production.

Lee Min Ho starrer drama, "Legend of the Blue Sea" reached high ratings nationwide with 21 percent and in Seoul 23 percent. On the other hand, the new drama, "Defendant" already registered viewership ratings of 20 percent. It is likely to overtake "Legend of the Blue Sea's" ratings in no time.

The new drama's captivating storyline increased its nationwide viewership shares from 14.5 percent to almost 15 percent on the second episode itself.

Moreover, the episodes 3 and 4 crossed the 15 percent mark, and the viewership shares went up to 17.3 percent and 18.7 percent, respectively. Across the Seoul metropolitan, the TV ratings reached 18.2 percent and 20.8 percent, Yon Hap News reported.

Reportedly, "The story of "Defendant," which is also known as "Innocent Defendant," revolves around a successful prosecutor Jung Woo. His life changes after he was accused of murdering his own wife and daughter. Jung Woo is sent to prison for the crime he has no memory of committing. The story is of the prosecutor-turned-prisoner who is being wrongly accused and therefore he tries to find out what really happened in order to save himself from a death sentence and to clear his name.

In other news, a recent survey revealed that the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor Lee Min-Ho is the most popular Korean actor in America beating Song Joong Ki and others. According to the reports, thousands of Americans voted online for almost a period of almost two weeks to choose the current favourite Korean actor. The Korea Creative Content Agency conducted the recent study.

This article was first published on February 15, 2017