'Defendant' actor Kim Min Suk talks close bond with child actor Shin Rin-ah; reveals heartbreaking goodbye

Kim Min-suk says he wants to watch child actor Shin Rin-ah grow up well.

Shin Rin-ah & Kim Min-suk
Shin Rin-ah & Kim Min-suk. instagram.com/samuliesword

SBS's 'Defendant' recently concluded its successful run. Now actor Kim Min-seok or Kim Min-suk, has opened up about his experience working with child actress Shin Rin-ah.

In an interview with K-pop site Soompi, Kim Min-suk, who played convict Lee Sung-gyu in the legal thriller, spoke of his close bond with the very adorable Shin Rin-ah and how he stayed close to her while the cast and crew enjoyed their reward vacation in Okinawa, Japan.

"I was walking along the shore of Okinawa beach while holding her hand, and Rin Ah told me, 'Uncle, you will forget me when I become a high school student and college student later on.' I'm not usually emotionally affected, but I felt weird this time because I poured out all my emotions while working on this drama," Kim Min-suk said.

The 7-year old actress has obviously grown very fond of Min-suk whom she addresses as 'uncle.' Kim Min-suk confirmed this fact by saying, "Rin Ah's eyes were always full of emotions and she listened to me very well. I feel more attached to her because she is my first actress partner. I want to watch her grow up well."

Kim Min-suk added, "I told her, 'You're going to forget about [me] after your next, next project,' and she said that she won't because she has a photo of us playing in Okinawa together." Min-suk said he feels like "crying whenever she says something like that."

Hopefully, Kim Min-suk will maintain contact with his first actress partner for years to come as obviously there is lots of affection between the two. Min-suk also said that he was grateful to have been able to know the actresses mother as well. He said, "Rin Ah's mom would sometimes leave her to my care so she could get some rest. Rin Ah's mother and I only have a 10-year age difference, and we became comfortable with each other by maintaining a sister-brother relationship."

'Defendant' was one of the most successful dramas of early 2017. High viewership numbers ensured that the drama got extended by two additional episodes. Its final episode aired on March 21 and earned 30.3 percent ratings in the Seoul National Capital Area, as per TNmS Ratings.

This article was first published on March 28, 2017