Deepak Ballaney says "TAJNESS in my soul"

Deepak Ballaney

Deepak Ballaney, New York City chef of International Wings Factory considered King of wings by many Was asked about his success in the city that never sleeps. He responded that his success could be credited to the Taj Group of hotels in Mumbai.

From being an arrogant graduate with a nonculinary background to understanding the value of unmatched customer service and great food got him ready for this NYC.
He still remembers his first day of 2-week induction, When the general manager and the vice president gave a speech on customer service.

"The belief of "guest is God" was literally engraved in my soul that day". says Deepak Ballaney.

That was the beginning of his hospitality journey as a catering supervisor and a commis. As a trainee, he had to spend limited time in each of the restaurant concept's front of the house and back of the house.

He learned precision, patience, handling crises, and most demanding customers. Organizational skill. Human Resources and employee relations. And above all love and understanding of various spices.

"As a manager or owner, we serve 2 customers, external and internal. Internal being the staff". Says Deepak Ballaney.

He also repeats his 1st boss's words, "supervisor means a person with "supervision"" to every mentee.

I try to abide by my motto of "Customer comes before everyone "

This article was first published on October 26, 2020