Decorated Ukrainian Commander Andrii Verkhohliad Dies Fighting; Video of Motivational Speech Goes Viral

Major Andrii Verkhohliad, a decorated Ukrainian military officer, has lost his life while fighting for his country. The news of Verkhohliad's death was confirmed by 72nd Mechanized Brigade in a Facebook post on Thursday. A video of Verkhohliad in which he speaks about "Ukrainian Victory" being the only goal has gone viral on social media.

The social media is abuzz with comments as the followers have once again lambasted Russia for Ukraine invasion. A large number of social media followers have condoled the death of Verkhohliad, one of the best commanders of 72nd Mechanized Brigade.

Popularly referred to as the "people's hero of Ukraine" Verkhohliad had won awards for his heroic deeds. Known for his determination, courage, joviality, the commander was known as the pride of his brigade and was very famous among the civilians as well.

Major Andrii Verkhohliad

Russian Soldiers Dubbed as Barbarians

As per the report published by Newsweek, Verkhohliad was reportedly fighting for Ukraine long before the Russian invasion. He was a veteran of the war in Donbas and actively fought in the battle for the city of Adviika in 2017. He was also awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, a Ukrainian military award.

It is also being said that Verkhohliad had caused damage to the Russians and was an inspiration for Ukrainian soldiers which is why he was targeted and killed.

A faction of social media followers have even called Russian soldiers "the barbarians" and condemned them for the war crimes committed by them.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion stating, "People's Hero of Ukraine Andrii Verkhohliad killed in action. Major Andrii Verkhohliad, company leader with the 72nd Mechanized Brigade, was killed in action on June 23, according to a Facebook post by journalist Volodymyr Runets."

"To many young Ukrainian good men dying, war is so sickening. Major Verkhoglyad, People's Hero of Ukraine, died in a battle with the invaders." wrote another twitter user.

Replying to @Gerashchenko_en a Twitter user shared, "Rest in peace Andrii Verkhohliad, You are A hero, the future will always remember your sacrifice. Thank you. my deep condolence to the family, may God give them strength is this difficult time. My heart so ache for Ukraine & Ukrainian."