Death toll crosses 5,000 in Italy: internal travel banned to stop Covid-19 spread

Italy goes into further restrictions and bans as the country reports more than 5,000 deaths with around 651 fatalities reported within one day.

Italy has banned all movement inside the country and stopped all non-essential businesses as the Covid-19 has taken the lives of more than 650 people in just a day. The health ministry in Italy said that at least 5,476 people have died due to the virus as of March 22.

The accelerating number of virus death across the world has prompted the government to take harsh measures to stop the further growth of the disease. Despite having fewer confirmed cases compared to China and a smaller population, Italy has crossed China's death toll numbers last week.

Under lock-down

According to the reports the average age of the people who are dying is said to be 78.5. Italy is already under a heavy lock-down with the state requesting its people to stay indoors and public establishments are closed.

Italy shutdown
Twitter/Antonello Guerrera

Permission to keep trades open under the new rule

The new rule says that supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and post offices will continue to function but some industries like automotive, clothing and furniture manufacturing were asked to shut down. The country is at the center of the global crisis as the government is struggling to cope with the crisis.

The health ministry asked the people not to move around between the municipalities until "non-deferrable and proven business or health reasons or other urgent matters".

Tighter police action

The police squads will be taking to the streets to ensure that the situation is under control. The police in Rome is said to be penalizing people who are outside without a proper excuse. The people who went for shopping were asked to wait outside to ensure that there are only a handful of workers inside the shop at all times. The joggers were also asked to refrain from going to the public and asked to take a few laps around the block.

According to the Guardian, people were fined if they were seen to be in parks or taking pictures of the historical monuments with nobody in sight.

The Prime Minister of Italy said that the country was facing one of the gravest situations after the Second World War. He also said that any businesses that are not "strictly necessary, crucial or indispensable" will be closed till April 3.

Nearly 60,000 people have been tested positive for Covid-19 in the country.

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