Dear Zindagi: 8 life lessons from the film we all need to know for happier life

The film shows us a glimpse of how to deal with different situations of life, relationships and the issues that bog us down.

Dear Zindagi: 8 life lessons from the film we all need to know for happier life
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Films are not always meant for entertainment, sometimes it can even show us a new meaning to our life and become the food for the soul. That is exactly what Gauri Shinde's latest film, Dear Zindagi (Dear Life), starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan, has been doing since it released.

The film didn't sugar coat any harsh reality of life. Rather, it urges all of us to love our imperfect, messy and flawed lives to the fullest. It shows us a glimpse of how to deal with different situations of life, relationships and the issues that bog us down from time to time.

Dear Zindagi is a youth-centric film and audiences will easily relate to things like heart breaks, dream jobs, problems with parents, and several other issues that all youngsters go through. The story is all about exploring little things in life which make you happy.

The film primarily revolves around a character named Kaira aka Koko (Alia Bhatt), who is a 25-year-old cinematographer. She is a free-spirited, emotional youngster, often going in and out of relationships. Complications following a heartbreak take her to the couch of a therapist Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan). Shah Rukh Khan lights up Alia's messy life by giving out pieces of advice as counsellor Jug which helps her deal with problems she was facing in her life. The advice not helped her to solve problems but also shows a way to forget the past and life a happy life. IBT Singapore has listed 10 important life lessons which will force you to love your "zindagi" (life).

1. You don't have to choose the difficult path always.

Ever since we are born, we have been conditioned to believe that if we want to achieve our dreams, we will have to go through hardships and unless we go through a difficult struggle, we won't fulfil our ambition. There is a notion that 'nothing grows inside the comfort zone'. But, this is not always true. Yes, you have to do hard work but you can opt a way that you are comfortable with, even if it's an easier one. Why would you jump into complexities of life when you can just choose an easy option and be happy.

2. Quality friends are more important than quantity of friends.

As you grow up, you are left with a limited number of friends. You might not be in touch with your friends or they might lose sight of you. But don't sit and crib about it. It is completely okay to let go. You don't need too many people in your life. A few meaningful friendships are more important rather than having too many meaningless friendships.

3. Grieving and crying are completely okay.

In one of the sessions, Shah Rukh Khan aka Jug tells Alia "Khul ke ro nahi sakogi toh khul kar has kaise paogi?" (You need to show your emotions. If you can't shed out your tears, how will you express your happiness?) The film tries to portray that sometimes not being okay for a while is very important for being really okay. You need time to heal yourself, it is not necessary to rush into the whole process.

4. Don't judge yourself and don't let others judge you.

You should never judge yourself or let anybody else judge you based on your decisions. Be proud of your choices and make sure you express yourself.

5. Seeking help for mental health is totally normal

People often think that seeking professional help for mental health and well-being is not normal. They might be interpreted in a wrong way. But, thanks to Dear Zindagi for taking the initiative to change this thought. Discussing grief, depression and issues with someone close is absolutely okay.

6. No one in this world is perfect. There is nothing as a perfect partner.

It's high time that we should understand that nobody is "perfect" in this world. Everybody has their own positives and negatives. So, if you are looking for a perfect partner, you might not succeed in getting one. If you are okay with your friends not being perfect and if you are completely cool with them, then why pressurise yourself to find that perfection in your partner.

7. Sometimes it is important to stop and enjoy the small things in your life.

While chasing your dreams, sometimes you tend to forget those small things which make you happy. You should follow your dreams but don't miss those small joys of your life. Those are really important in life!

8. Parent-children relationship

After a certain point in your life, your parents should stop being your "parents" and start being your "friends". This will help both the sides to be open to each other. You can easily strike a conversation with your parents and put across your point. In case something goes wrong, you should give them a second chance to make everything proper.