Dear 21st Century Parent Bosses - You Truly Can Have It All

Parent Boss Life

Are you a business owner? Do you have children still living at home? Do you constantly find it hard to balance your work and spending quality time with your kids? What if we told you trying to prioritize one over the other was an unnecessary struggle? Well for 21st century Parent Bosses, it's a struggle they no longer have to face.

Parent Boss Life specializes in coaching busy business owners to implement quality family time whilst scaling a profitable business. Founded by Parent Bosses, Teriann and Leigh Matheson, the two have grown 7 successful businesses in 2 different countries and trained hundreds of employees and leaders, all whilst making sure to prioritize quality time at home with their kids.

"Kids won't remember who cleaned the bathroom at home or did the grocery shopping, but they will remember seeing you at their cricket practice or having a dance party in the car as you drive them to school in the morning," says Teriann. Seeing so many of their fellow business owners caught up in working almost 24/7, leaving little room for what was truly important, Leigh and Teriann decided that they needed to share their success at implementing an amazing work/life balance with others.

"Business ownership means something different for each individual", says Leigh. "But when it comes to quality time and building strong family relationships, the importance of that is the same for every family." It's easy to understand that it's a constant struggle for business owners. Living in a digital age we are constantly connected to our work, throw in running a household and it's no wonder that Parent Bosses are tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and racked with guilt over the amount of time they aren't able to spend with their loved ones.

Luckily for them, the Parent Boss Life's Work Life Pendulum System is a proven system for busy parents to be able to have the flexibility of time to be with their kids, without forsaking growing their business. Created by Teriann and Leigh, this system was so effective that they were able to take a 5-week honeymoon, without having to check in once on the 3 businesses they owned.
"We used this system to train over 50 of our own employees," Teriann says. "When we became parents to twins, we implemented this system and by the time we had our third child, we'd refined the Work-Life Pendulum System into the course we teach today, whilst simultaneously running 2 businesses."

We live in an extremely busy world where it's easy to get hung up over little details impacting our present at the expense of matters of much greater importance to our futures. A sustained, flexible work-life balance is no longer something of a luxury, but a modern essential – especially for those who are fortunate to have their children still living at home. This time with them is precious, and finite, and does not have to come at the cost of sacrificing your business. Over the last 20 years, Teriann and Leigh have coached many business owners to help them have successful businesses and rich family life at the same time, and they can help you too. If you would like to learn more, visit today.