At least 14 people have been killed in a flash flood, on 15 November, which gulped the Greece towns including Athens, Mandra, and Nea Parmos. Roads in the affected area have turned muddy torrents, while many of the homes are half submerged in rainwater. In the wake of these devastating incidents, Mandra mayor Yianna Krikouki said that the flood is a biblical disaster, and this has triggered fears of a possible Nibiru hit in the near future.

A devastating flood hinting world end?

The flood was devastating in nature. The flash run of heavy currents resulted in the collapsing of many buildings. Cars and trucks were thrown across the streets, very much similar to Hollywood disaster movies. According to reports from disaster agencies, many of the dead were elderly people, and their bodies were found stuck inside their homes.

After the floods, Grigoris Stamoulis, the mayor of Nea Peramos said that the fast running water has literally destroyed the entire town. He also added the country has never witnessed such a flood ever in the history.

"The water came down the mountain, millions of tonnes. Our roads are completely destroyed... 1,000 homes have been flooded, that's a third of the town," Stavros Fotiou, the deputy mayor of Nea Peramos to ERT.

The impact of Nibiru?

Many conspiracy theorists have recently claimed that the world will soon end, as rogue planet Nibiru alias Planet X is approaching the Earth. According to David Meade, one of the most popular theorists, the recent natural disasters are the result of Nibiru's powerful gravitational pull.

The recent happenings from different corners of the world indicate that the words of Meade are turning true. A couple of months back, the US mainland was drastically devastated when hurricane Irma and Harvey made the landfall. It was soon followed by massive earthquakes in Mexico which resulted in the death of more than 500 people.

On November 13, an earthquake measuring 7.3M in Richter scale hit Iraq and Iran, followed by mild tremors in Japan, New Zealand, and Costa Rica. Now, floods have gulped a major part of Greece, which is literally triggering the fear of a possible apocalypse in the near future.