DHL Express GoGreen collaboration
DHL Express GoGreen collaboration DHL/DBS

The largest bank in Southeast Asia, DBS becomes the first Asian bank to adopt Green shipping via DHL GoGreen Climate Neutral Service. It's a three-year partnership which DBS and DHL made which will allow DBS to send carbon-neutral shipments and provides the bank visibility into its carbon footprint.

Using a DHL patented methodology, DHL Express will calculate and estimate the CO2 emissions of every DBS shipment based on their weight and distance travelled.

DBS will be receiving an annual certificate that details the estimated carbon emissions from its GoGreen shipments that were neutralised in environmental protection projects.

Donna Trowbridge, Group Head of Procurement Services, DBS Bank said: "We believe that we have a role to play in promoting sustainable development, recognising that one of the things that uniquely defines us is our sense of purpose, which stems from our heritage as the Development Bank of Singapore. Participating in this innovative initiative is another step we are taking to actively manage our carbon footprint, complementing ongoing efforts to cut our carbon emissions such as incorporating sustainable designs and practices into our offices and branches."

In 2016, DBS' carbon emissions across its offices and branches in six key markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan) fell by 4%.

"As large global companies, we have the power to make huge waves not only in the economy but also in the well-being of societies and the environment. Hence, we are obligated to utilise business practices that ensure both quality of service and the future of our green environment. This partnership brings together two industry leaders to maximise our positive impact on current environmental issues. It signals our commitment to green policies and we hope to encourage the wider community to engage in such practices that benefit the earth as well," said Frank-Uwe Ungerer, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DHL Express Singapore.

In Singapore, DHL Express tracks its annual carbon emissions and is committed to various green initiatives. It is the official logistics partner of the RENEW programme, Singapore's most extensive and inclusive e-waste recycling initiative.