David Ong issues apology letter as Bukit Batok by-election looms

The undated letter surfaced even as major political parties have finalized their candidates for the by-election in Bukit Batok seat.

David Ong, who resigned as Bukit Batok MP in March after his extramarital affair broke open in public, has issued a personal apology to his constituents.

Ong says he is deeply sorry that he let down the residents by having to resign. Screenshots of the letter are circulating on social media.

Ong resigned on March 12 as MP and quit the ruling People's Action Party after details of his extra marital affair with a fellow PAP member emerged in public.

Here's the full text of his apology letter:

Dear Residents of Bukit Batok,

Please accept my sincerest apology for my resignation as your Member of Parliament.

I made a serious error of judgment in my personal life, leading to my resignation as MP. I am deeply sorry for having let you down, and for not being able to serve you for the full term that you elected me for.

I had publicly apologised to Bukit Batok residents in my letter of resignation on March 12, and in my subsequent apologies through the media. However, I have also wanted to write this personal letter to each of you.

Once again, my dear residents, I want to thank you for your friendship and for giving me the privilege of serving you as your MP over the last six years. I am grateful also to all those who have stood by me during the recent difficulties, especially my wife and family.

I wish you and your family the very best!