Dave Shah: A brilliant entrepreneur reviving the software development industry with his unique ideas

Dave Shah

Building a lucrative business in a competitive market of software development is something to learn from Shah.

He came, he saw & he conquered. This is absolutely true in the case of Dave Shah. He has modified the IT field with his unique ideas & objectives in software development so much so that today he is considered to be amongst the best IT entrepreneurs we have & that too at under 25 years of age. It is commendable how an enthusiastic young man believed in his dream since the time he was in school & by the time he entered high school he launched his first food-delivery app named Crave on Campus, & made a grand entry into the IT field.

In the beginning, of course, Dave had no clue about the more profound works of the industry & so he hired a much-experienced app developer for him to carry out the required work for his app. Observing the works of others & getting more knowledge by working tirelessly towards the same, Shah evolved as an entrepreneur & at only 22 years of age built & launched his company named "Wve Labs". The main aim of his company is to create great apps for the biggest of brands all over the globe. He holds the position of a CEO & Co-founder at Wve Labs which has turned out to be one of the best software development companies offering decentralized apps for not only startups but also for the Fortune 500 companies.

There are a few tips that Shah shares to build a successful software development business.

• Hire professional developers:Shah believes that when you know you need to develop a software project, the first necessity is to have a professional developer & a designer. To build a successful business in software development, it is essential to get professionals who can put in their esteemed knowledge, skills, advanced protocols, etc.
•Distribute work properly: Shah also warns that some startups, in the beginning, make all the work done from only one individual; this is a bad idea for a business. He says that it is important to distribute work properly so that each person knows what they need to focus on & yield results.
•Flexibility is as important as speed: Spending unplanned hours in a particular software project is not something that can get startups rise higher in the industry; for this, they need speed to deploy at each stage like development & designing, states Shah. And, as the project develops, the team should also be well prepared & flexible enough for making changes during the development.

Well, it sounds unbelievable for once that a young 22-year-old has already turned out to be a successful IT entrepreneur & not just this, Shah is also setting up new examples every day to reach rising entrepreneurs all around the world & inspire them in some way.

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